Balbier Separates


A diamante encrusted satin belt which ties at the back


A diamante slim belt with a beautiful all the way round beaded detail & tie back


A double length satin ribbon belt which can be hand tied and worn to suit your style

Blythe Sash & Sweetpea Brooch

The Blythe satin sash styled with the 'Sweetpea' diamante brooch

Belle Belt

A delicate pearl & crystal beaded belt. Sold with the 'Belle' gown or as a separate

Cressy & Saint

Cressy topper styled with the Saint skirt

Cressida & Araminta

Cressida topper styled with the Araminta skirt

Nova & Wilder

Nova beaded cropped topper styled with the Wilder satin skirt.

Cressy & Piper

Lace Cressy topper styled with the Piper tulle skirt.

Una & Saint

Una lace cropped topper styled with the Saint chiffon skirt.

Rowe & Saint

Rowe satin & lace topper with delicate beading styled with the Saint chiffon skirt.

Nova & Rebel

Nova beaded topper & Rebel satin crop.

Ryker & Rebel

Ryker cropped lace topper & Rebel satin crop.

Hester Fur Jacket

Hester fur jacket styled with the Hero satin cami


A soft lace topper with short sleeves finished with glass buttons and loops


A corded lace topper with bracelet length sleeves and Mikado covered buttons at the back


A fine Chantilly lace delicate and soft with long sleeves and a v back and a flattering beaded waistband


A stretch satin camisole flattering by design, great to layer over or wear as a cami simply styled


A Mikado skirt "A" line in shape with pockets and fitted waistband

Langley & Harper

A soft Chantilly lace topper with a cap sleeve and v back finished with glass buttons and loops styled over the satin Harper slip.

Tempest & Harper

An elegant lace topper with eyelash edge and long delicate sleeves finished with glass buttons and loops styled with the satin Harper slip.


A soft tulle gown with lace underlay and short tulle sleeves and delicate lace motifs on the bodice and sleeves


A slipper satin dress with shoestring straps and low shaped back. Fabulous with one of the lace overlay gowns, lace toppers or worn simply as an it is

Sparrow Jacket

Marabou feather Sparrow jacket

Una & Pippa

Una lace cropped topper styled with Pippa tulle short skirt.

Cressida & Araminta

Cressida Lace topper with Araminta Chiffon Skirt

Araminta Skirt

Nude Bodice with Araminta Skirt 

Lyric & River

Lyric Lace Topper with River fitted skirt

Blair & River Skirt

Beautiful Blair topper with the River skirt

Saint, Rebel & Sparrow

Rebel Bando with the Sparrow jacket and Chiiffon saint skirt

Indigo & Spirit

Satin Slip with soft lace topper